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Josefin Nilsson/N is a photographer, biologist and journalist from Vimmerby, Sweden. She has been working as a journalist and a photographer at several papers and at Sverige Radio. She studied biology at Lunds university and journalism at Skurups folkhögskola.


Her journalistic and photographic work is mostly concentrated at environemental issues. She is drawn to capture biodiversity in its essence. With her pictures she tries to spread awareness about species and the ecosystems they inhabit. As a nature photographer she also tries to describe how our nature changes. 


To date Josefin Nilsson has made three different books and thirty different exhibitions. The exhibitons have been taking place at several places across Sweden. In the autumn of 2016 she was part of an exhibition at the Natural History Museum in Stockholm. 

Josefin Nilsson also gives lectures as both a journalist and a photographer. She has held lectures at both the Nature Photography festival in Vårgårda and Naturfotodagen in Västerås.

In 2016 she was elected to the prestigious Nature Photographers/N ( She is also a part of the community PhotoNatura ( 


I remember the first time I started to see the world through a camera lens. How it changed everything. Suddenly I became an explorer. The dancing grass by the lake became a hidden forrest where frogs hide. The symphony from the trees introduced me to species that I never had encountered before. Since then I have tried to capture moments and stories from the wild. Few things make me as happy as exploring the world with my camera and to try to spread aware-ness about our environment with my work. 

Josefin Nilsson


Josefin Nilsson takes assignments both as a photographer, journalist and lecturer. She also host private workshops where she shares her knowledge in photography. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact her.

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