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On the mountains above the Mediterranean sea the deers are hiding. Welcome to Sardinia.    

Home of deers and griffons.

It is October in Sardinia and the butterflies are still dancing. As the sun sets the starlings gather in the palm trees to sleep. When darkness arrives to the Mediterranean coastline you can hear their cozy chatter from above. When the stars arise the chatter suddenly disappears. The ocean lullabies has worked. The starlings are now asleep. 

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Many species thrive here. Fallow deers, albino donkeys and griffon vultures are just some of them. Due to poisoned baits the griffon vulture decreased rapidly in Sardinia after the Second World War. Nowadays a conservation projects is trying to increase the population at the island.


The griffon vulture is once again sailing above the Sardinian mountains.

The griffon vulture can once again be seen in Sardinia.

As the sun sets the starlings gather in the palm trees. 

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