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Eutrophication is decreasing. Still some of the species in the Baltic ocean struggle.

Summer has begun. At a beach a life ends. An eider chick is breathing slowly before it dies. In the last years the common eider population has seen a rapid decrease. The chicks survivability has gone down.

The Baltic sea has in some was recovered in the last years. A decrease in eutropication and environmental toxins such as PCB and DDT has been making the recovering possible. As a result several species in the Baltic Ocean are increasing. The white tailed eagle is one of them. Its silhouette canIts silhuette can now be seen soaring along the coast once more.

Still the question is why species such as the eider are decreasing. Research shows that the herring gull and the common mussle are also decreasing. According to some scientist this is a result of a result of a shortage in a certain  type of B-vitamine. But the reasons behind this insufficiency are still unclear and scientists are trying to find the answer. 


It is hidden beneath the surface.

For a longer story about the environmental problems in the Baltic Ocean, please click the link below:

(Swedish only)

The eider is one of the species that is decreasing. One of the reason is that few chicks survive nowadays. 

The herring gull is also decreasing in the Baltic ocean. 

The white-tailed eagle can once again be seen.  

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