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Once it was nearly impossible to spot seals in the Baltic ocean. Nowadays the seals are returning.  But how come? And why are the seals still under threat in some ways?

At dusk a strange sound is heard from the ocean. The seals are singing. It is a peculiar and somewhat screeching sound. It is also the sound of a return. 

In the 1970s seals in the Baltic sea suffered from reproductive disorders due to pollutions. But as the toxins were banned and the hunting was forbidden the seals started to recover. 


Today harbor, grey seal and ringed seals are back. Since 2000 the grey seal has increased annually. Nowadays about 30 000 grey seals can be found in the Baltic ocean. 

There are still challenges for the seals to face. According to Artdatabanken about 30 percent of the population of ringed seals are sterile due to pollutions. The grey seals and harbor seals also have health issues due to pollutions. Some seals still die because of these problems. Despite this the situation for the seals in the Baltic ocean is brighter now than in many years. 

The song of the seals can once again be heard.

The grey seals suffer from problems with their intestines. 

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