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Several of years ago I had this dream of following every sign of the spring. This year I have decided that I will try to keep track of the spring.


I will do it with the camera in my hand. I will listen for the birds in the trees, count the flowers in the meadows and follow how the days get longer and longer.

JANUARY 8th 2017

The waxwings are leaving. This beautiful bird spent its winter here in my neighborhood in the southern part of Sweden. Now it is heading up north again. One of many signs that the spring is arriving. Slowly. 

FEBRUARY 15th 2017

Their arrival is sudden. The snowdrops. As soon as the sun slowly warms up the ground they show up. With their small white flowers they can easily be mistaken for snow but when you look closer you see that they are the first proof of the spring. A beautiful proof of that warmer times are arriving.

FEBRUARY 23th 2017

The early choir is here. In the middle of February the blue tits, major tits and green finches start to sing. It is the best choir. It is the early choir.

MARS 5th 2017

In march the Siberian jay is about to get ready. As the days get longer in the old forests in the north the jay is preparing for a new nesting season. The bird is a true beauty to encounter. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours together with two curious individuals. It was unforgettable.

MARS 12th 2017

There is this moment in Mars when things suddenly start to happen. One day the first fly is trembling in the sky. The next day you can feel the smell of the spring in the sunset. Then you know. It is finally happening. The spring is about to begin

MARS 21th 2017

Greetings from the ground! The snowdrops continue to blossom but today something changed. As the blackbird started to sing and the sun started to rise the snowdrops turn out to be even more beautiful. Spring certainly is here!

APRIL 4th 2017

Suddenly there is a sound from above, and then you know; the wagtail is here. It is amazing to think about how this small but bold bird has travelled all the way from Egypt. At this time of the spring new birds arrive every day.

APRIL 5th 2017

Behind the trees the ocean is rolling in. Inside the small forest there is another ocean. An ocean made of flowers. The blue anemone is here and it's beauty is breathtaking.

APRIL 24th 2017

A cold breath has surrounded our world. The spring is silently waiting for a chance to move forward. But sometimes you have to be patient. And sometime soon the temperature might rise above zero degrees.

MAY 2th 2017

There is nothing like May. The evenings when the world turns into gold and the breeze suddenly is warmer than before. There is something so promising about the wind at this time of the year. It is filled with blessings of the summer that lies ahead. I hope that your May is good so far!

MAY 8th 2017

It is easy to pass by them and forget to look down at the ground. But if you do take a closer look at the ground in a meadow you might see the pasque flowers. This time of the year they make the world even brighter with their beautiful presence.

MAY 18th 2017

The horizon is yellow. The cowslips are almost everywhere. At this time of the spring the flowers seem to become greater and grander every day. The time to bloom is here. It is showtime. The cowslips are ready.

JUNE 4th 2017

The spring is turning into summer. The grass is dancing in the sun.

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